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Fog Machines

Are you still thinking fog machines are just for haunted houses?  Have you ever seen what fog machines can do for club lighting, wedding djs, and stage productions?  Many of the best lighting fixtures production can only be seen at the source and when the beam hits a person or the floor or a wall on the other side of the room.  Not with a fog machine present.

The fog machine's output fills the air with...yep, fog.  That fog is really just an overwhelming amount of little particles that refract and reflect the light beams.  This lets all those amazing lighting fixtures show off.  Light beams cut into the fog and produce a dazzling array of patterns in the air.  It really makes your lighting become 3D!

There's a fog machine for pretty much any application, too.  Are you having a little dance party in your yard?  We've got a fog machine for that.  Are you a music venue that puts on live shows evey night?  We've one for that, too.  We've even got a fog machines for HUGE touring, arena sized productions.  You can cover a huge stage or blanket the crowd.

If you're not taking advantage of fog machines, you're only giving your guests a sliver of the experience they deserve. Call us or stop by our Chicago store if you'd like to learn more.  In fact, you can come by our amazing lighting showroom and see it for yourself!  Fog machines...they're not just for Halloween anymore.

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