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Passive Speakers

Passive speakers, or as they've been known for the past 100 years...speakers...might seem to be a bit of a dinosaur now that you can get a speaker with an amp and input installed on it.  Au contrare.  There's a lot of compromise with a powered speaker that doesn't have to be cut in a system with passive speakers.

A passive speaker is dependent on a more complex and, usually, more installed setup.  Separate amplifiers enter the picture.  Installation matters.  These are not usually speakers that get moved from place to place, although it can certainly be done.  Passive speakers tend to be used more in permanent installs.

Typical uses might be in a church sanctuary, school auditorium, music venue, or theatre.  Passive speakers are used in these places because more power is needed than the amp on the back of a typical powered speaker provides.  They're used because better response ranges are required.  They're used because passive speakers are focused on being one thing...a speaker...and that's what you want in a place where the quality of sound, and not the portability, is the most important thin.

Midwest Pro Sound and Lighting carries some of the best quality passive speakers in the world for professional applications.  JBL, Yorkville, Peavey, Electro-Voice, Cerwin Vega, and more all make high quality, professional level passive speakers.  Stop by anytime to test these speakers or inquire about us coming to do a consultation for your needs.

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