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Pioneer DJ's DDJ-1000 vs DDJ-1000SRT DJ Controller


Simply the main differences between the two controllers is the DJ software you use on your laptop. DDJ-1000 is for Rekordbox and the DDJ-1000SRT is for Serato DJ Pro.  

Why didn't they just make one controller that works with both? We don't know, marketing, politics, who knows ! 

Full Size pic for zooming in and out

Of course there are few minor difference:

  • Beat Jump controls are in different locations. SRT has dedicated buttons , Rekordbox's Beat Jump is in the Pad Section.
  • Verbage: {ex.} "parameter" button vs. "Page" button. (They do the same thing)
  • Pad Modes. Each DJ Controller plays to their software strengths with different modes and FX.
  • Jog Display info. Each controller displays info a lil differently on the jogs but is customizable. 

That's about it , these controllers a very similar the mixer sections are identical looking to the DJM-900NXS2. The only big thing with these two is the software you DJ with.

Roland X Serato Announce TR-SYNC Feature for Serato DJ PRO

The Serato x Roland TR-SYNC update brings the power of Roland’s iconic drum machines to your DJ setup. Simply connect your Roland TR drum machine to Serato DJ Pro and they’ll sync to the same BPM. Now you can easily add your own drum loops with the same drum sounds used on your favorite music. [...]

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New for 2019 Technics SL-1200 MK 7 DJ Turntable, looks like it's coming soon!

Technics Instagram page is busy this week teasing the Technics CES event coming up this Monday , Jan 7th.UPDATE 1: Jan 7th:   It's true !  UPDATE 2: Jan 9th:  MSRP will be $1200  and the table will be released in May 2019. Rumors are this will be the SL-1200 MK 7.  What's the Price? How is it different [...]

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Native Instruments launched January 17th, 2018 launched in BETA today and provides a basis for people to access samples and loops for beginning production and computer or sampler based applications.There are two tiers, a free subscription and a pro level $9.99 that enables you to download any samples from the site.Native Instrument promises to update daily and it has started [...]

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Everything is down low and there has not been much leaked news but as of now we do know that Rane should be updating their product line and there will be some surpises from Roland and Serato Its like Christmas for Nerds :) January 25th should be a big day for 2018 and the future of [...]

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Holiday Rental Checklist

Are you ready for the holidays We made a quick checklist to make sure that if you want to party, make it happen with the right gear! Here is a small checklist:Fog Machine / Smoke MachineLightsSpeakersCablesStrobeMusicDJ PeopleFamilyAtmosphere We are here to help so make sure to come on down to Midwest Pro Sound and Lighting on 1613 West [...]

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Lighting Installation by SquidSoup Collective

Squidsoup is an international collective of designers, artists, developers and technologists that explore digital media and interactive installations. They have had a couple different exhibitions around the world and the most recent (Monolithic) was at a festival called The YARD Open Air, Motion in Bristol (UK) . Monolithic featured 5,376 LED lights that were suspended from [...]

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Roland release a DJ 505

Roland and Serato announced a new product called the DJ-505 and DJ-202 that are extending on the ideas of the DJ-808 that was released last year.The DJ-505 has two channels, and deck select for up to four channels and large low latency platters optimized for scratching and 8 dedicated pads for extended parameter control and [...]

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Roland Release a DJ 202

Roland and Serato have teamed up to make the DJ 202, a smaller version of the DJ 808 and DJ 505The DJ 202 provides two channel, four deck controller for Serato Intro and built in drum kits with the TR series with eight basic TR sounds with independent sample volume control and eight dedicated pads [...]

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